Corporate Citizenship
and Sustainability

We recognize that we have a corporate social responsibility not only to our investors, but also to our employees, their families and the communities in which we live and conduct our business. Accountability to our stockholders, employees, and communities, and a commitment to ethical business practices, motivates and anchors us and we strive to foster a culture of excellence by generating industry-leading results while operating responsibly, safely and ethically, minimizing environmental impacts of our business. Our responsibility to stockholders requires a diligent commitment to excellence and a focus on sustainable profitability. This commitment to excellence also requires that we set the highest standards for business practices, ensure a safe and productive workplace for our employees, are stewards of the natural environments in which we operate, and share our success by giving back to our communities.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship and sustainability is highlighted in our six core values: People; Diversity; Integrity; Leadership; Service; and Partnership. We are focused on delivering strong financial results and returns to our stockholders, and we remain committed to doing so in a sustainable manner that respects the communities in which we operate.

As a result of a materiality assessment, we determined that Reliance’s most significant environmental, social and governance priorities are: (i) the health and safety of our employees; (ii) human capital management; (iii) emissions from Company-operated trucks that deliver our products; and (iv) our overall energy usage. We expect to update this materiality assessment on a periodic basis to ensure it reflects changes in our business.

Set forth on tabs, People, Integrity and Leadership, Community Service, are some highlights of our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives.